Engineer Procurement Construction

Turnkey service for projects of all sizes

Many clients today choose to source one contractor to complete all aspects of their construction projects—from engineering and procurement through the entire construction process.

Management teams

The Laframboise EPC contract process exemplifies our company’s core values in many respects. We use a team approach on every project, hand-picking the most appropriate engineers, procurement and construction professionals, management leads and client representatives. Our teams are well known for bringing results that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, schedule and cost.

During the detailed engineering stage, our team ascertains whether specific materials and equipment will be available when needed and oversees the constructability of the project as it relates to quality, schedule and value.


Laframboise partners with many prominent engineering firms that specialize in energy recovery, power production, fuel, chemical, and consumer goods projects. Services include all construction detailed design, which entails civil, structural, mechanical, piping, sheet metal, electrical and instrumentation services. Our team has the ability to design a project from a simple layout and flow sheet. Throughout, we work closely with our partners and clients.


Our highly resourceful procurement staff has extraordinary experience and extensive contacts in the field. On every project, they procure equipment and materials knowing that the quality, delivery and value of each item will be maintained over the course of the project.


Laframboise provides construction expertise for tank and pressure vessel fabrication and installation, structural steel fabrication and installation, mechanical equipment installation, pipe fabrication and installation, sheet metal fabrication and installation, and electrical and instrumentation installation. Laframboise also maintains excellent working relationships with excavation, piling, concrete forming and pouring, masonry, roofing, siding and finishing contractors. Our vast experience and extensive relationships enable us to manage the quality, schedule and cost of all projects down to the smallest detail.